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Texas Gals

I’ve been learning a tune called Texas Gals on the banjo, so I’ve been listening to some different versions. Here are Al Hopkins and his Hillbillies…. Here’s a nice version by a group called The Monks, featuring a square dance caller…. I’ve been learning the… Read More

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Phyllis AKA Bunny

Her name is Phyllis but somewhere along the way we started calling her Bunny. Bunny has a job. She puts me to bed at night. She does this by wrapping herself around my head and turning on the purr machine. Once I’m down, job done,… Read More

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Paintings by famous Canadian artists — including Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson — garnered record prices on Thursday night at the Heffel Fine Art Auction at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto. Mountain and Glacier by Lawren Harris was the biggest seller of the night, fetching a whopping $3.9… Read More

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