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That time?

The combination of a fall chill in the air, and what seems to be my first cold of the season convinced me to get a couple fires going in the woodstove this week. Although it seems early to start burning, heat from the woodstove is… Read More

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The Martian

I didn’t know what to expect – how good could a lost in space movie be? First things first…..if you have to have one of the crew stuck on Mars, you want it to be Jason Bourne er, I mean Matt Damon – resourceful, indestructable… Read More

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Billy in the Lowground

This tune has been recorded all kinds of ways. Here’s a swanky bluegrass version by Chris Thile and Michael Daves…this one is for the guitar pickers and mandolin freaks out there. Here’s a more old-timey version played by Art Rosenbaum, Beverly Smith and and Erica… Read More

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Down the River I go

Here are Cathy Barton and Dave Para performing Down the River I go at the 29th Annual Lupus Chilifest, October 16, 2010. I found this on the YouTuber. I love the exuberance of this performance. Cathy Barton’s banjo bounces along like a boat shooting a… Read More

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At 5:41 this morning, our cats staged a demolition derby and a boxing match. This meant they wanted breakfast and they wanted it now. Some combination of the cats and my job have made me a morning person. I remember catless days when I used… Read More