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Domesticated Ramps

I hobbled out this morning to the forested bit we have in the back of our yard to see if my ramps survived. For those who are unfamiliar with ramps, they are Allium tricoccum. Ramps are a species of wild onion, sometimes called wild leeks.… Read More

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Dead Fish Days

I grew up in a family that fished and fished a lot. It seemed my father and my brother were always either heading to some spot or another or else talking about it. Getting ready for opening day was a ritual in our home, serious… Read More

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Finally saw the snowy owl….

There have been snowy owls hanging out in our neighbourhood since early winter and just about everyone in our neighbourhood has seen them…except me. That is, until this morning… Unfortunately I don’t have one of those lenses that are a foot and a half long.… Read More

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Over the Waterfall?….

So there we were yesterday afternoon, fly fishing the upper Credit River, just a little ways below the former highway 24 (whatever they call that road now), when along come 2 guys each paddling a kayak. They each had a spinning rod ready to cast… Read More

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Quicksand in Mississauga?

The Toronto Star has published an article about quicksand warning signs in an area of Mississauga, although their investigation failed to turn up any actual quicksand. I don’t think I’ve seen real quicksand before. It seems like something out of the movies. I have experienced… Read More