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Clawhammer Nail Woes

Clawhammer banjo is played by striking the strings of the banjo on the downstroke with the fingernail of either your index or middle finger. If you play a lot, your nails take a lot of abuse, especially if you use steel strings on your instrument.… Read More

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Missing in Action

I don’t know where or how but I’ve misplaced my Algoma Central Railway engineer’s cap. How could I do such a thing? With my banged up ankle I hardly go anywhere. Maybe on one of the few occasions I’ve been out and about I left… Read More

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Ankle Update

I was back to see my surgeon today and I’m happy to report that my ankle is healing well, although I will be hobbling about on crutches for some time. As well, it will be quite a while before I do any driving, since it… Read More

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Since breaking my ankle, I’ve been spending most of my time in a large room that was built by the previous owners of our house above the garage. The only problem with this plan is that there was no railing at the landing at the… Read More

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Dig it

The guy who dug that mystery tunnel up by York University – the one that has had all the news attention – has come forward saying he did it because it was his dream to build something like that; it was a fun project for… Read More