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Clawhammer Nail Woes

Clawhammer banjo is played by striking the strings of the banjo on the downstroke with the fingernail of either your index or middle finger. If you play a lot, your nails take a lot of abuse, especially if you use steel strings on your instrument.… Read More

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Missing in Action

I don’t know where or how but I’ve misplaced my Algoma Central Railway engineer’s cap. How could I do such a thing? With my banged up ankle I hardly go anywhere. Maybe on one of the few occasions I’ve been out and about I left… Read More

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Ankle Update

I was back to see my surgeon today and I’m happy to report that my ankle is healing well, although I will be hobbling about on crutches for some time. As well, it will be quite a while before I do any driving, since it… Read More