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The best whiskey?

A Canadian rye whiskey has been named the whiskey of the year in Jim Murray’s whiskey bible – Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. That surprises me. I know Canadian whiskey makers have been upping the ante on quality whiskies, but in my little imagination, even… Read More

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June Apple

I’ve been thinking about the tune June Apple. Here’s Zepp playing an amazing version. What a super-fine player. He seems so relaxed and nonchalant (not to mention un-smiling) about the whole thing.   This one is usually played in the key of A, and it’s… Read More

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Ramona Jones RIP

Ramona Jones, who for many years worked with her husband, the late Grandpa Jones, was a really great old time musician. I just read in this excellent obit that she passed this week at 91. RIP. Let’s listen to Ramona singing There’s Better Times a… Read More

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Getting Set Up

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to go about creating a podcast, and as well, some friends have let me know how they go about it. It turns out there isn’t one single simple technical solution, and different people try different approaches… Read More