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Daily Dose: Juke Boy Bonner

I first heard Juke Boy Bonner singing I’m a Bluesman on a compilation record (remember records) I had way back in the early 80s. I was a serious blues freak back in those days. There was something about Bonner’s performance of I’m a Bluesman that… Read More

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T-Model Ford

At one time I listened to a lot of blues music. Back in the early 80s when I was in university, I would go into the listening room at the York U library and sign out all sorts of obscure blues records, and sit down… Read More

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Meet me at the Bottom

Not much to say tonight. My brain is running on empty and needs recharging. I’m tired, and I think I might just play some banjo for a short while and hit the hay early.. While I do that, why don’t you listen to some blues.… Read More

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Blues Time

Feeling like a little blues. Here’s the Samantha Fish Band playing Sucker Born on a cigar box guitar (just because I like all kinds of folk music)

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Careless Love

I first heard Sleepy John Estes & Hammie Nixon back in about 1980 in the listening room at the York University Library. I discovered they had a marvelous collection of blues greats on vinyl and I decided I wanted to listen to them all. The… Read More

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Robert Pete Williams

I think I first heard Robert Pete Williams’ music in 1980 in the Listening Room at the York University library. They had a great collection of blues music there and a bunch of turntables. You could sign out records (some of you may remember those)… Read More