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Mazurka time

Back when I played a lot of button accordion, there was a lovely little mazurka I used to like to play. I don’t recall the name of it. It may be that wherever I found it, it was just called Mazurka. If you’re unfamiliar with… Read More

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Le Soleil est Levé

Time for a shot of creole button accordion music. I know you’ve been waiting for it…. Here’s Cedric Watson performing Le Soleil est Levé Mr. Watson is also a fiddler and recently some videos featuring him playing gourd banjo have appeared on the YouTube. Here… Read More

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Blast from the past

I can remember as a little kid watching Harry Hibbs’ At the Caribou show on channel 11. That must have been my first exposure to button accordion. Here’s a sample I found on the YouTube – Harbour Grace and Golden Slipper.