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Way Down the Old Plank Road

Here is some old time music for a Sunday morning. Do you know Way Down the Old Plank Road? Uncle Dave Macon’s 1926 recording stayed in our collective folky consciousness thanks to the eccentric experiemental filmmaker Harry Smith, who put together a 6 album collection… Read More

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Daily Dose: Juke Boy Bonner

I first heard Juke Boy Bonner singing I’m a Bluesman on a compilation record (remember records) I had way back in the early 80s. I was a serious blues freak back in those days. There was something about Bonner’s performance of I’m a Bluesman that… Read More

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Waiting for the Belle

Here’s a great tune about a steamboat performed by Cathy Barton and Dave Para. If you don’t know their work, check out their other videos on the YouTube machine. Cathy Barton is one of my favourite clawhammer banjo players….but she also plays autoharp and hammered… Read More

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Kitchen Girl

Kitchen Girl is an old time standard. On clawhammer it’s usually, but not always, played in Mountain Modal AKA Sawmill tuning. I like this tune a lot and I’ve been working on learning it. If I ever get it down, you’ll hear my version, but… Read More