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Banjo Tramp

Here’s a tune called Banjo Tramp. I don’t know anything about the history of this one – if you know, please comment. It’s performed here by Dave Landreth – I found this on the YouTube machine. Mr. Landreth is an excellent player. I think he… Read More

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Hogslop – Reuben’s Train

I was surfin’ about on the YouTube machine and I chanced up this “official video”. I almost didn’t watch it because, well….what the hell is there official about old time music? I did watch it though, and I’m glad I did. This is a wonderfully… Read More

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Hair that could stop a bullet

Tuffy P and I were listening to Conway Twitty this morning over coffee. That man’s hair could stop a bullet. He could sing too. Hop into my time machine, and let’s watch the master at work. Here’s David Bromberg covering Last Date. Mr. Bromberg does… Read More

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Old Jake Gilley

Do you know the old time fiddle tune, Old Jake Gilley? Here are some interesting takes on it. First up is The Deleuran Enevoldsen Duo… Now let’s speed things up a little with with Gene and Evo Bluestein… Dwight Diller liked this tune so well… Read More

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John Stensen’s #2

I’ve been learning the tune John Stensen’s #2 on clawhammer banjo. I’ve seen it spelled Stensen’s, Stenson’s, Stinsen’s, Stinson’s and even Stentson’s. I couldn’t tell you who John Stensen (sp) is or was, though. The most inspired versions of this tune, come (in my opinion… Read More