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Forked Deer

It’s pronounced Fork-id Deer or sometimes Forky Deer, and it’s one of my fave fiddle tunes. It’s one of the tunes I attempt to play on clawhammer banjo. Here are a couple nice performances of the tune. First up is the Berline, Crary and Hickman…… Read More

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Not all train songs have lyrics…

….although many recount stories of famous train wrecks and engineers and so on. I found a great version of Railroading through the Rocky Mountains – a wonderful fiddle tune –  on the YouTube machine. Here are Hopping Jenny. Of course if you’re not into Old… Read More

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Soldier’s Joy

Soldier’s Joy is well known as an Old Time fiddle tune, but I read that it goes way back, possibly to the 1700s in Scotland and Ireland. It has a fantastically catchy melody. I can tell you it’s a fun one to play on clawhammer… Read More

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Mississippi Sawyer

Mississippi Sawyer is an old fiddle tune that has been around since the mid-19th Century, but I don’t know much about its origins. I’ve only heard it as an instrumental and I don’t know if there are any lyrics kicking around for this one. I… Read More