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Forked Deer

It’s pronounced Fork-id Deer or sometimes Forky Deer, and it’s one of my fave fiddle tunes. It’s one of the tunes I attempt to play on clawhammer banjo. Here are a couple nice performances of the tune. First up is the Berline, Crary and Hickman…… Read More

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Not all train songs have lyrics…

….although many recount stories of famous train wrecks and engineers and so on. I found a great version of Railroading through the Rocky Mountains – a wonderful fiddle tune –  on the YouTube machine. Here are Hopping Jenny. Of course if you’re not into Old… Read More

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Soldier’s Joy

Soldier’s Joy is well known as an Old Time fiddle tune, but I read that it goes way back, possibly to the 1700s in Scotland and Ireland. It has a fantastically catchy melody. I can tell you it’s a fun one to play on clawhammer… Read More

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Mississippi Sawyer

Mississippi Sawyer is an old fiddle tune that has been around since the mid-19th Century, but I don’t know much about its origins. I’ve only heard it as an instrumental and I don’t know if there are any lyrics kicking around for this one. I… Read More

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Whiskey Before Breakfast

I love this tune. You will too. Enjoy your Daily Dose… Peter Knupfer along with Joel Mabus on Mandolin And now Hillar Bergman and James Carr That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Finally, here’s a version that has accordion and didgeridoo…and by God there’s a slide… Read More