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I headed out early this morning in search of some morels.  I first visited a spot that has been reliable for me in the past, but didn’t find a single morel. I was disappointed because I have heard reports of some finds in our area… Read More

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I went for a hike today, scouting around to see if any yellow morels may have started fruiting. I didn’t see any morels, and judging from what I saw today, I’d say we’re still a week early. (all of this is entirely in my imagination… Read More

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Somebody landed on this blog after searching “where to find wild hedgehog mushrooms in Ontario”. I just want to say, I’ll never tell….er I mean, there are no wild hedgehog mushrooms in Ontario. Check Quebec, I hear there are plenty there. And Manitoba too….

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Careful what you eat…

Somebody landed on this blog today after searching “can mushrooms give upset tummy.” Yes, mushrooms can give upset tummy. Some wild mushrooms found in Ontario can make you very sick and some others can kill you dead dead dead dead dead. During mushroom season, I… Read More

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A mycological adventure

A fellow named Jamie commented here at the land of milk & honey….he was interested in finding someone to lead a little mushroom walk at his cottage. I’m no pro-mycologist but I can identify a good number of tasty edibles and quite a few assorted… Read More

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Mushroom walk

I was contacted recently on this blog by a fellow looking for someone to lead a mushroom walk up in cottage country. It’s getting right toward the end of our season here, but I agreed to do the walk on Saturday, and hopefully we’ll find… Read More