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Way Down the Old Plank Road

Here is some old time music for a Sunday morning. Do you know Way Down the Old Plank Road? Uncle Dave Macon’s 1926 recording stayed in our collective folky consciousness thanks to the eccentric experiemental filmmaker Harry Smith, who put together a 6 album collection… Read More

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Whiskey from Rockingham

I just got home from an overnight business trip. Did I ever get an enthusiastic welcome from Memphis and Georgie – and Tuffy P thoughtfully had a chicken salad and a fresh bagel here for me for dinner. The trip was good but I’m tired… Read More

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Kitchen Girl

Kitchen Girl is an old time standard. On clawhammer it’s usually, but not always, played in Mountain Modal AKA Sawmill tuning. I like this tune a lot and I’ve been working on learning it. If I ever get it down, you’ll hear my version, but… Read More

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Missed Camp

This is the weekend of the Midwest Banjo Camp for 2015, an event down in Michigan I had planned to attend again this year. After messing up my ankle, though, my surgeon advised me that it would be too early for me to make the… Read More

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Sorting out Napoleon

Earlier I posted a version of the Old Time tune, Bonaparte’s March, but just before that I had been having a little facebook message exchange with a guitar-picker friend of mine and he mentioned Bonaparte’s Retreat but he was really thinking of Bonaparte’s March, which… Read More

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Bonaparte’s March

Here are Nathan McAlister and Sours. I know Bonaparte’s March pretty well and play it on clawhammer. I learned it from the same players these folks learned it from, Cathy Barton and Dave Para. I learned it when I attended the 2014 Midwest Banjo Camp.… Read More