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Puffballs and Milk Caps

I took the dogs for a long walk in a forest not so far from home, and came back with the bounty you see in the picture above. These are (not so) giant puffballs and Lactarius deliciosus, aka Saffron Milk Caps. There is also a small cauliflower mushroom I found along a trail.

The milk cap in the photo above is on the large side. I saw one or two larger, but most of the ones around are perhaps half to two thirds the size of this mushroom. I’ve seen mixed reports about the edibility of these mushrooms. Some people say they are grainy unless cooked slowly for a long time. I’ve also read they are sour. My experience is that they are quite tasty, and fry up nicely with a little vegetable oil and a pinch of my bbq spice rub. They are not quite as good as their cousin, L. thyinos (which doesn’t stain green), but still very good. I haven’t tried drying milk caps before, so I put a bowl of them in the dehydrator to find out how well they dry.

I saw a number of these in the forest today. Can anybody ID them for me? Are they deer mushrooms?

I also saw quite a number of amanitas in the woods today. Perhaps these are A. muscaria.

Here are more amanitas. These are pretty but will make you sick so don’t be eating them.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Probably not deer mushrooms but rather one of the genus Xerula. There are a couple of species that are fairly common at this time of year and any mushroom with a name that starts with an X is way cool. Need to see the underside to be more certain though. I suggest Xerula mostly because I have been finding quite a few where I live but I havent seen deer mushrooms in a while.

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