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Log Driver

I used to have a recording, on an old cassette tape, of Mac Beattie singing his Log Driver’s Song (not to be confused with the Wade Hemsworth tune Log Driver’s Waltz). While I was busy concentrating on something apparently more important, the melody popped into my head, like Mr. Beattie was right there, singing it to me.

I decided to search for the tune on YouTube. Everything’s on YouTube, right? I came up with Charlie Gardner singing a version of The Log Driver’s Song. It’s the same song, performed a little differently than I remember it, but yes, there’s the melody, and the log driver’s call – yo hip, hip ho through the rapids below, where the Ottawa River flows by.

Here’s Mr. Beattie himself, with his group The Melodiers, performing The Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream. I’ve posted this one before but I love it so much, I may have to post it six more times before I’m done.

And Mac Beattie one more time, singing about the passing of fiddle great Ward Allen at age 41.

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