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There are worlds they have not told you of…

Occasionally a musician comes along who must come from some other place, somewhere else, another planet perhaps. As Sun Ra wrote, there are worlds they have not told you of… One of those musicians was Rahsaan Roland Kirk. He came from a very special planet, located far far away. Kirk gave a whole new meaning to the idea of a one-man band, sometimes playing several instruments, including some kind of nose flute, at once. The planet he was born on is called Columbus Ohio. He was born Ronald Kirk but Wikipedia tells me that he was compelled by a dream to transpose letters and make it Roland. After another dream in 1970, he added Rahsaan to his name. Why not. Kirk was born in 1935 and died in 1977 after a second stroke.

Tonight’s Daily Dose features the amazing Rahsaan Roland Kirk….


  1. StephenBrassawe

    There is some energy in this, huh! I am so glad that I stuck with “Misty” all the way. He juked me a little at the outset. The man obviously could play a soda straw had he chosen to.

    Street, I must call your attention to the fact that the beautiful photo of the Canoe Garden is no longer loading in the banner. An image of a cat is currently loading there instead. I knew that you would want to know this so that you can take prompt corrective action.

  2. I escaped to a really good suburban library years ago and read about our other worldly musician…and wasn’t reminded of ’em until years later 1 of my musical heroes Thurston Moore wore a t shirt with his image on it & that inspired me 2 travel 2 Chicagos Jazz n Blues recordmarttt in order to drool over their collection o tunes by him…

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