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A banner year for spiders

Here in Long Branch we see a lot of spiders. It was one of the first things I noticed when we moved here several years ago. There were far and away more spiders than around our old place in the Caledonia and St. Clair area (also more birds, less stray cats, and a few coyotes).

IMG_4239I’m certain that 2015 has been our biggest year for spiders yet. There are spiders of all sizes from the tiniest little ones to larger specimens like the one I photographed guarding our hose. I’m not against spiders. They have their place. Some of them are quite beautiful. They eat other little critters, and mostly they don’t bother me. Build your web in such a way that I can’t get at the hose or can’t open the shed, though, without seriously disturbing your web-building activities, and you’re going to find yourself doing some reconstruction.

As much as I say I get along pretty well with the spider population, I confess I don’t like them on me. In fact, when I discover one on me, I have an uncontrolled reaction to swat it off. It happens from time to time when I’m fly fishing a brushy stream, and a spider lands on my hat as I duck under some branches. When I see the spider I can’t stop the violent swatting action. Once I came close to breaking a fly rod, as I swatted at the spider with rod in hand. I slapped the tip against the water as I rid myself of the spider crawling on my shoulder towards my neck. Fortunately, the rod – which was a jewel, a hand-made 4-weight rod, made by Ted Knott – was fine.

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  1. We seem to have similar relationships with our respective resident spiders. I often rescue them out of the slippery bathtub and escort them outside on a piece of paper. But if I see one on the ceiling when I am lying in bed, I get seriously uncomfortable.

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