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An elaborate woodpecker feeder


When I hung the wire cage from the crane, my intention was that it hold a poem (preferably a waterproof one). In the meantime, I’d like to encourage the local downy woodpecker to visit again, so I loaded the cage up with suet. The last time the downy dropped by, it was chowing down from a mix of suet and nuts and seeds hanging near the deck. However, Mr. Squirrel dragged that off to enjoy with his cronies. The very knowledgeable person at the birding store suggested I go with pure suet. She said the woodpecker will like the suet just fine, but the squirrels won’t be so interested without seeds and nuts mixed in. She was also a good salesperson, as I came home with a couple new feeders as well, one squirrel proof job for the general population and one (yellow) finch feeder to attract goldfinch + a couple bags of quality seed.

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