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Tomato update

As I’ve mentioned here before, our back yard simply doesn’t get enough sun for successful tomatoes. The front, however, looks more promising. This year, I have 5 plants growing in containers there, thanks to our friend Jennifer (The Fabulous Garden), who kindly gave me the young plants, which she started indoors.


It looks like the plants approve of the spot I have them in because they’ve been growing at an alarming rate and there are loads of blossoms. I had created some pyramid shaped wood structures to support the plants, especially once they are full of fruit and soon they will be enveloped.

Today, using the school of shaky carpentry no measurement system and some branches from some old shrubs out back, I extended the structure another couple feet up. These are indeterminate tomatoes and they will just keep on growing and fruiting. If the new and improved structure disappears in a sea of tomatoes, it will be quite a sight. I’m not sure what to do if that happens.

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