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Tomato update….a modest beginning

I wish our first ripe tomato of the year was one of the beautiful large specimens growing on some of our 5 plants. In fact the great tomato harvest of 2017 has begun modestly.


I’m not complaining. After years of being convinced we couldn’t grow tomatoes on our shady property, I’m thrilled we’re going to have a good crop. With the old barberry hedge on the south side of our place down, it’s opened up a reasonably sunny area in our front garden where we’ve got 5 plants growing in containers.

This little tomato was tiny but it was super-tasty and there are dozens more on the plant it came from.

I expect some of the bigger tomatoes will begin to ripen over the next week or two. Our plants are holding a couple hundred tomatoes of various sizes, and I can’t wait!

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