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Colter Wall at the Opera House

We trundled out to the Opera House for the Colter Wall show this evening. For those unfamiliar with his music, Colter Wall is a young guy from Swift Current Saskatchewan (or as he calls it, Speedy Creek) who has been making a name for himself with a bag of excellent songs and a distinctive, deep, resonant voice.

I have to comment about the venue. Any venue in which the audience has to stand up, crammed in like sardines for a few hours, is just wrong. Up on the mezzanine there is very limited bench seating. We headed directly up there and found a spot. There were bars on both levels. Some people who go to shows like this all the time will likely say, stop your whining already, but that’s just because they haven’t enjoyed the luxury of a chair at a concert.

Obviously, more people can be crammed into a joint with no seating than one with chairs and tables, and I understand everyone concerned wanting to make a go of it, but I didn’t like it much. I wasn’t impressed with people being randomly frisked at the door either.

We discovered that Colter Wall has quite a loyal following. A lot of the audience knew all the words to most of his songs and many people sang along to several of them. It was really strange to hear hundreds of people singing along to Wall’s murder ballad, Kate McCannon, though, as if it were a campfire tune.

Wall’s performance was excellent. He started the show solo and he shines with just his guitar. After a few songs, he brought on his band – drummer, bass, pedal steel/dobro and harmonica players. The band was very solid, but I thought on some of the songs they were too loud in the mix.

Overall, a strong show and we had a great time this evening.

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