Squeeze Box Man is here!

Squeeze Box Man is a serial graphic novel, written and created by Eugene Knapik and illustrated by Jacob Yerex. It’s based around the 16 stories published as Squeeze Box Man: The Lazy Allen Stories, by Eugene Knapik. Each issue will have stories readers will recognize from the book along with plenty of brand new stories. There will be 6 issues in the set.

NOTICE: Squeeze Box Man contains adult content including swearing, tobacco, alcohol and drug use and scenes expressing sexuality (as well as plenty of polka and punk).

Front Cover

Copies of Issue #1 are now available, for $12 CAN per copy + postage. If you would like to save some money and subscribe to all 6 issues, it’s $60. Email me at 27thstreetpress@gmail.com. Payment by e-transfer preferred.

Coming soon: we’re creating a limited reso-printed edition (of 50 copies), signed and numbered. Stay tuned for details.

Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s inside:

from: Star Beauty
from: Maggie

from: Boom-Boom & Ndidi