What is this place?

This is the personal blog of Eugene Knapik. It’s named after the street I live on, in Long Branch in the SW corner of Toronto.

The 27th Street blog reflects the range of my interests from art to old time music, with all kinds of detours along the way. If you like it here, tell your friends. Drop me a line anytime.



  1. Anyone who is owned by more than one newf at a time is an instant friend of mine. Although I love my two rescued, special ed. puppies (Saint and Leo), I miss the perfect mix of having a Landseer plus a Black/Bronze newf. As we all know, the black Newf might fetch the paper for you, but the Landseer reads it, summarizes it, and posts a WordPress article about it.

    • Memphis, a spayed female Landseer, just turned 5. She is a great dog. We had a black female too, Ellie Mae. She joined our family as an adult and passed this last October. Ellie was a dog of great character and also possibly the laziest being on 4 legs – unless there was an opportunity to bark at the dog next door for which she could travel at rocketship speed. We brought George in to the family just before Christmas. He was about 4 months and we were his second family. Apparently someone in his first family was allergic to him. George was 57 pounds when we got him – he’s now over 90 and still growing like a weed. He’s a very smart pup, although sometimes his “I’m a puppy” idiot button is stuck in the “on” position. It’s great to have two Newfs in the house again. We still miss our Ellie Mae but Georgie has revitalized the house with puppy energy.

  2. Hi Eugene
    I would like incorporate one of the Basketeers pictures you have posted on your blog in a Basketeers presentation (the one in the room where she’s holding up her hands in the shape of a heart). Would that be ok.
    Corinne Lavric
    The Basketeers

  3. Hi Eugene,
    I came across your old blog Mister Anchovy with a search for Sol LeWitt postcards – it was great to see John’s card but I am curious to see yours? Would you care to indulge me?
    I’m director at Mercer Union which used to occupy a space in the same building as David Bellman. In 1981, our Board invited LeWitt to do a wall drawing for the gallery. In 2010, we worked with his estate to recreate the drawing for our current space on Bloor St West. The recent exhibition was also an opportunity to assemble postcards given by LeWitt to artists who assisted in creating the wall work. I’m interested in other local connections like this….
    Hope to hear from you.
    York Lethbridge

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