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Fly me off the Händel

In the last episode of The Agency Podcast, Candy and I were talking about sampling, and I made a comment something like, it’s not like any pop music is all that original in any case. I thought I’d make this post to put my comments in context.

Fly me off the Händel by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain illustrates my point nicely.

If you’d like to hear The Spirit of The Beehive on The Agency Podcast, listen here. This episode includes a feature interview with a couple who have taken up beekeeping in the city.

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Wreck of the Old 1060

Wreck of the Old 1060

A few years ago I was out walking the dogs and discovered somebody had brought a big box of toy trains out to the street for garbage. I brought the dogs back home and came back in my car and scooped the trains. I didn’t know why, exactly. They’ve been living on the deck rails, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.

Gradually the idea of creating a train wreck sculpture for the backyard took hold, and I’ve finally done it.

It’s hidden away way out back, near the flowering dogwood. You might visit our place a few times before noticing it. That’s what I wanted, something to discover one day.

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The Spirit of the Beehive

The latest episode of The Agency Podcast is up! This special episode features an interview with urban beekeepers Amba and Zac while they harvest honey. Listen here or find the episode in all the good places.

Amba in protective gear
bees, bees, bees
honey comes through, leaving the wax behind

Watch for lots more beekeeping photos on The Agency Podcast facebook page.

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Fixing up the birdhouses

Each fall the birdhouses need some work. The biggest thing is to clean out the old nest. I added a fresh layer of roofing material to this one as well, and added a giant washer to the front of the hole to prevent the squirrels from expanding the hole and moving in (yes this happens). Finally I added a fresh coat of paint.

This is our oldest birdhouse. I think this one was already up at our old place when we bought it. I never saw a bird in it there, but here most of our birdhouses get occupants, mostly house sparrows.

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No Rules

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is up – it’s called No Rules. Listen here or find us wherever the best podcasts live. This is the Agency’s first anniversary edition. I can hardly believe we’ve been doing this podcast for a year.

For those visitors who don’t know about The Agency, it’s an arts & culture podcast cohosted by Candy Minx in Chicago and me right here in Toronto. We talk about all aspects of arts and culture and just about anything else on our minds.

Today I also updated The Agency Reading List. If you’d like to see a list of the books we’ve talked about over the past year, check it out.

To those of you who have been listening to The Agency regularly over the past year, thanks so much for sticking with us. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly discussions.

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Lynda Sinclair

Hi Lynda, Tuffy P writing tonight. Maybe angels can read posts -maybe they can’t. I figure you might get this. Two nights before you left us, on Sunday – I dreamed you were in a big school bus. I was far away in the school field. Mary and Nancy were there with a lot of other souls. They were calling me to come to the field with them. I went closer and everyone told me they were getting ready for you. I said – you’re over there- back in that big bus and you want to go in the school. They said you’re coming to the field – you’ll be there soon and we have to be ready for you. It was a good feeling. Just pure love and lots of support. Seconds later you flew out of the bus. In the dark, you floated to the field and were absorbed by the crowd of souls. And I couldn’t see you anymore. You were in the center, protected and secure.

On September 8th you left us behind but we’ll be forever with you. How was it that our lives were so entwined. You were off the hook, vibrant. You could take a story and put me in stitches, gut twisted laughing in no time flat. You always could find the silly in something and bring a smile. I remember you telling me when the airlines started charging more for baggage weight, and you decided -no way you were paying. At the terminal, you opened up your luggage. You and Ian donned as much clothing as necessary for the airline to allow you to board without paying an extra fee.

And you were a fighter in other ways too. When a Doctor told you a few years ago there was not much hope for the pain you were chronically in- you said, I’m getting a second opinion. And with that – your world changed. You gained HOPE – TIME – and a troop of love and support from your loving family and friends.

2018 Toronto General – after liver transplant surgery with Ian!

You fought so hard, and we’re all grateful for that time. ‘I’m not giving up yet!’ you’d text.

You looked forward to sharing milestones with your granddaughter Juliette, time with your Mom, Ian, Gord, Hazel, Mark, Debbie, Stephanie & Derek – your friends + the traditional Easter competition – which went virtual this year, with you winning for your N-95 frosted mask cake!

You knew the secret to life, and made the gift of time to love back with all your heart.

Joy, love of family and friends, strength in faith and hope – aka Lynda Sinclair.

Rest in peace, I love you chickee!