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A Dog’s Life

Yesterday morning I took The Partners to their fave swimming spot at the leash-free park in Etobicoke Valley, only to find it closed for the week. We drove over to Jack Darling Park so at least they could goof around with some other dogs, after which I found a somewhat out-of-the-way bit of beach where they could go in for a swim without bothering anybody. After all, I had promised a swim.

This morning after breakfast, we went for our usual morning stroll which turned out to be somewhat eventful. We were almost home, just a couple houses north of our place, when both dogs suddenly dove with great gusto into a hedge in front of us. That would have been fine except that a baby skunk was hanging out in there. The skunk took off, getting a bit of spray off along the way. I don’t know if it was because it was a baby or because it all happened too fast, but amazingly, neither of the Newfs took a direct hit. There must have been enough skunk musk in the air in front of him that it irritated George’s eyes because he immediately threw himself to the ground and started rubbing his face on the sidewalk. If he spoke English, he would have have been shouting, “I’ve been shot!”. When we got back to our place, George rolled on the grass for a few minutes, but got over the experience quickly. Remarkably, he does not smell too bad. There is a slight bit of residual skunk odour around them, but George is sleeping on the floor a few feet from me as I type this and I can barely pick up the smell. I think they will be fine without the usual peroxide, baking soda and water treatment.

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Hillbilly Calypso

Ned Landry from 1958…

He re-recorded it in 1965…

The tune was also recorded by Don Messer (with a clarinet part!) but I don’t know the year. I understand it was written by Ned Landry. I love all 3 versions, but if I had to take one to a desert island, it would be Mr. Landry’s original.

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Rule #6

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is now available. Listen right here or find it in all the good podcast places.

This week: numbers; teaching and learning in the arts (and a Benjamin Zander masterclass); The Edge of All We Know – a doc about black holes; Emergence – Chaos to Order by John H. Holland, exploring the dychotomy between arts and science; and finally, catching up on In Treatment.

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Lost Duck

find the duck

These photos have been sitting in my camera for a few days. In fact I forget all about the duck in the silver maple next door. She sat there for hours then flew off. I had been sitting on the front porch practicing the fiddle, but failed to notice a duck up in the tree until neighbours with cameras showed up to take photos.

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Book List Updates

I updated the Agency Podcast Booklist today. It’s an informal list of books that come up in the weekly conversations that make up The Agency Podcast. Although I try to make a note when a book comes up in discussion, sometimes I’m too involved in the discussion to do so. What I mean is, yes I know there are some books missing from the list. Still, in just over 100 episodes around 80 books have come up, everything from novels to criticism to biography to graphic novels.

Fans of the podcast might, like me, find it to be a handy reference. It contains many books I know well but also many I still need to get to. Perhaps a quick glance at the list will say something about the nature of our podcast, something we don’t spend any time trying to explain. It’s there for you if you’re interested.

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The Satanic Panic Episode

Episode 101 of the Agency Podcast now available. Listen here or find it in all the good podcast places.

Candy reviews All the Rage, a memoir by Canadian playwright, screen writer and cultural commentator Brad Fraser. We’re both watching Hacks, starring Jean Smart who was also in Mare of Easttown. We talk with blogger S.M. Elliott about Satanic Panic.

You can find her research and articles here at Swallowing the Camel.

Thanks for listening!