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Awkward AF

Listen to the new episode of The Agency Podcast right here or find it at all the good podcast places.

All the best movies. All the time. We watched at least three great movies this week. MacBeth. The French Dispatch. The Firm. Strangers On A Train.

Tell us what you are doing…cooking, reading, watching. We love your email and thank you for listening! You may also enjoy checking out The Agency Reading List, in which we attempt to list all the books mentioned on the podcast.

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The Log Driver’s Waltz

Someone I’m connected with on the Twitter machine asked about fave Canadian hit songs. Well, I’m not up on the pop hits of the day, but the first thing that popped into my head was “the log driver’s waltz pleases girls completely”. I think Wade Hemsworth was one of the great songwriters of the last century – from any country.

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Nettie’s Frog-Gigging Kick-a-poo and other stories

Listen to the new episode of The Agency Podcast right here or find it at all the good podcast places.

This week the Agents are joined by a returning guest, song-writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist David Sawyer + plenty of the usual shenanigans.

Music on this week’s program:
Barney Rubble’s Fit of Jealousy (I love you Wilma) performed by Jessie Burnett and written by David Sawyer
John Bullard’s tune, written and performed by David Sawyer
Nettie’s Frog-Gigging Kick-a-poo, written and performed by David Sawyer
John Bullard’s tune, performed by Michelle Paine
Bonaparte’s March, traditional, performed by Eugene Knapik

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OK Google, nuff’s enough

OK, Google has forced me to have a second level of security for my Gmail on my computer. It’s a pain in the butt, but I get the need for some solid security protocol. However, about 80% of the time they send me an error message when go to my phone to confirm it’s really me. Then I try again and some of the time that’s it, the second confirmation screen functions. The rest of the time I get another error message. So, I have to go back and try another way and have them text me a code which I then have to enter on my computer to access my gmail. That’s the kind of customer love that says, hey maybe it’s time to find an alternative email provider.

Am I the only one having this problem? Is there a way to disable the second level of security. I’d be OK with that. Is there a way of fixing the problem? I’d be OK with that too.