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Imagination Station Drawing

Regular visitors to this blog know we have a couple structures out back I made from garden refuse, which we call imagination stations. I’ve been making drawings back there lately, and sometimes I like to sit near Imagination Station #1 and draw. Here’s one I did a while back. These drawings are about 18 inches wide and they are pencil on Arches Hot Pressed watercolour paper. I’m framing a few of these up for my exhibition at Yumart in September. DSC04780.jpg


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The Pharmaceutical Olympics?

It’s almost time for the Olympics and the big question (beyond details like will they finish the athlete’s village), is whether or not to bar the entire Russian team from participation. Stunning. On the news, I’ve heard about a state-sponsored conspiracy involving a network of spies. This is right out of one of those John le Carré novels. Based on news reports yesterday it looks like the powers that be are too weak-kneed to dig their heels in.

Of course this isn’t to say that athletes from other countries don’t dope, only that the Russians have been organized about it. Over time we’ve learned that doping is endemic in amateur sport.

I’ve joked before that the amateur sports mandarins seriously consider changing the rules. Let everybody dope. Make it a team effort, the athlete and the pharmacist. At least then everybody plays by the same rules. May the athlete with the best cocktail win.

What’s important in amateur sport? Is it winning? Money? Endorsements? National pride? Being the best you can be? Striving for excellence? It must be heart-breaking for a clean athlete to compete, knowing he or she shares the playing field with cheats, many of whom are going to get away with it.





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Superheros – a new Lazy Allen story

The latest Lazy Allen story is up. It’s called Superheros. This is the 12th story in this group, which I’ve been working on for some time.

When I began writing using the voice of Lazy Allen, I had a novel in mind. That led me into a swamp I had trouble exiting. I changed gears along the way and started thinking in terms of short-short stories, each standing as an independent story, sharing some characters and themes with the others. As I began publishing a story each month though, I think The Lazy Allen Stories have taken on the character of a serial. If you decide to jump in and read Superheros – and you enjoy it – you might find it worthwhile to go back in time on the story page and read the group chronologically from the first story I published back in October 2015, called The Bottle & Can.

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Grilled fish – The Comfort Food Diner


There was some very good looking sea bream at our local fish place today, so for dinner I grilled up two of them along with some broccoli spears. Yum.

I use a charcoal bbq  (Big Green Egg) with a cast iron grill. For fish, brush some oil on the grill, and let it get very hot before laying the fish on the grill to avoid any issues with sticking. Before grilling, I sprinkled on some bbq rub an a little salt, including inside the fish, squeezed a lime over it and drizzled it with a little oil.

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One Scotch One Bourbon, One Beer

Here are Donny Broussard and the Louisiana Stars….

Many visitors to this blog might be more familiar with a version that goes like this…

Ry Cooder did a wonderful take-off on the tune as part of his My Name is Buddy recording..

How about Brushy One String….