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I’m back at home after a short but productive trip to Chicago on Agency Podcast business. We took full advantage of being in the same city and not only recorded our regular weekly podcast, but also produced a bonus episode, recorded in two parts. We… Read More

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Today The Agency Podcast achieved a milestone (a modest one, perhaps but a milestone none-the-less), its 500th download. We have a long way to go before our little podcast will be anything near popular, but there is a regular group of listeners who keep on… Read More

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Thrashers, Threshers & Heists

Thrashers, Threshers & Heists, the new episode of The Agency podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Google Play, Tune-in and Podbean. This episode comes to you from Toronto and a chicken coop in Iowa, with special guest Steve Warbasse. Thank you for your emails!… Read More

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Setting the Pace

We sat down this evening to watch Dragon’s Den on CBC. You know the show, the one in which entrepreneurs make funding-for-equity pitches to super-rich celebrity business people. It has other names in other countries but the format is similar. I noticed right away tonight… Read More

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Where’s the Money?

Where’s the money, the latest episode of The Agency Podcast, is now available. Where’s the Money?Insects, oil, and hostages. Reasons to be Cheerful. The Vampire’s Wife. You can listen on your computer or grab it to go on your phone from iTunes/Apple Podcasts or Google… Read More