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I occasionally monitor traffic to this space using the handy graph the good folks at WordPress provide me with. I do this mostly to see if there are any oddball trends. Occasionally my hit-count will spike and usually it has to do with something specific that gets picked up by people searching for something or another.  Yesterday, however, my hit count spiralled downward and was way, way lower than the normal range of visitors. I wonder what happened yesterday?

I wonder also the degree to which popular key words effect visitors to a blog? For instance, if I were to list:

Michael Jackson
Amy Winehouse
New Moon
Sarah Palin
Oprah Winfrey
Swine Flu

Now let’s see how many people actually stumble over here looking for choice tidbits around these swell search terms. To those who do land here, read this and become irritated, geez I’m sorry about that. I won’t do it again. Promise.

I’m not very good at predicting these things. Sometimes I’ll make a post that I think will generate a lot of commentary and nada. But then again, I play the accordion.


  1. Oops, sorry I haven’t been here for much lately. Stagg is often on the computer these days. I’m making less blog posts since he’s been home too…so I haven’t had a lot of time online to visit. I hope to amend that starting right now.

    I have found that neither Michale Jackson or Madonn a has any bearing on hvisitors and numbers. There are too many other sites with info on those topics…I happen to like both Michael Jackson and Madonna and have posted several items about them…but it does absolutely nothing to my hits via word earches.

    However…I have found that my often simple personal ramlbings about some topic I feel passionate about has brought many visitor. One very huge word search is from “blood meridian epilogue”. I made a very personal rambling…I admit boring…post about how I felt about the ending of that novel…and it is one of the pirmary word searcxhes that bring pople to my blog.

    The other is I wrote a tiny movie review of a porn film and that brought a lot of people to my blog. The other was rolling stone Mccarthy interview.

    I posted those completely for my own personal interest…and had no idea they would become some of the most popular word searches long with “isis and ishtar” and many art posts I have made. I was pleasantly surprised by the human animal ha ha!

    • I’d have to say you’re right Candy. After dipping for a day, my hits returned to the normal range, and there are no special searches for the list I posted.

  2. It’s always fun to see what brings people to our sites. I have some ancient posts that still keep ranking high in the hits as people keep looking for obscure lyrics for some reason.

    • for the longest time the search term that brought people to my old blog the most was “Johnny Cash finger”….the second biggest one was calzone vs panzerotti. You go figure.

  3. ‘Sex’ works a treat.

    ‘Britney naked’ works well too (for some bizarre reason)

    Basically old bean, just head your posts with anything relating to ‘sex’ no matter how obscure and Google will do the rest.

    Welcome to humanity eh?

    If I wasn’t an athiest I’d say ‘God help us’

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