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Captain John’s up for sale

Captain John’s, that restaurant on a boat at the foot of Yonge St, a Toronto landmark for many years, is up for sale.  You can pick it up for $1.5 million. A while back I wrote about another Toronto landmark disappearing – The Big Bop. I was never in that one, and interestingly enough, I’ve never been in Captain John’s. In fact, I not sure if I know anyone who has actually had dinner there. If you’ve eaten there at some point along the way, I’d be interested in your comments. What was the experience like?

Now if you could have a ship like that to play with, what would you do with it?


  1. I’ve never been in there either. I want a boat…but not that one. A sailboat. And what would I do with it? I really want to sail from the Grand Banks to the Outer Banks. The little spots along the way are gorgeous delightful marina towns. I’ve been to them on road trips but I really want to go to them via water someday. Now of course convincing Stagg he wants to spend three months on a sail boat is a whole other deal.

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