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Miller wants the feds to pay up

I think Toronto Mayor David Miller is right. The Canadian government should assume full responsibility for damage done during the G20, including compensation for lost revenue to local businesses. Some will say, well who is going to pay, and unfortunately the answer is that we all will. It isn’t as if Prime Minister Harper didn’t expect trouble. He clearly did, spending a $billion on security. It is my view that the federal government is responsible for making things right. We can show our displeasure with Harper’s poor judgement in arranging a G20 Summit in downtown Toronto when we vote him out of office next election.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Canada didn’t volunteer to hold the meetings. The g8 countries have agreed to rotate the meetings so that each of the 8 countries gets every 8th meeting and it was simply our turn. The next set of meetings will be in France and the French have gone on record as saying they will do it for about one tenth of what Canada spent. Not sure how they will do it for only 100 million, after all there must be French communities that need new recreation centers and fake lakes. I think it could actually be done for something less than a million if the government actually made an effort. Key would be to hold the thing some place with no public access like some remote hunting camp. Then refuse to tell anyone where it is being held. A submarine would work well. Do we have any submarines? I know we bought some good used ones from the Brits but they caught fire and sank before we could get them back to Canada. I never learned if there was some sort of 30 day warranty on the things or if we were just out several billions on the deal.

  2. Why ANY city would want to host this 3-ring circus is beyond me! The populace should be allowed to vote on this issue, before even considering hosting anything like this.

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