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One Down

Giorgio Mammoliti withdrew from the Toronto mayoralty race today. It was not a surprise. He wasn’t going to be the next mayor, but along the way he got an opportunity to showcase a host of ideas. Good ones, bad ones, wacky ones – Mammoliti had no shortage of ideas, perhaps more than the rest of the candidates combined.

So where does that leave us. This early in the race (the election isn’t until fall), I’m not convinced that Mammoliti’s supposed 5% of the vote is going to make or break anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a couple more withdrawals in the coming days as well. But where are the stand-out candidates? Is there anyone on the slate about whom you can say, that’s going to be our next mayor and these are going to be exciting times. We’ll see what happens in early September when the campaign begins in earnest, but for right now, I remain unconvinced.

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