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Danger in the woods

I’ve mentioned here that I’m really careful about going into the woods with my dogs in the fall because I’m worried about hunters. Here’s why. Thanks to Salvelinas for sending this my way.

I’m not an anti-hunting advocate, although I don’t hunt and have no interest in hunting. I’m just scared about sharing the woods with people who are carrying guns and cross-bows. I’m sure most of them use their weapons responsibly. It’s the tiny percentage that worries me.


  1. sp

    That’s a horrible story. How very irresponsible of that hunter, although the article said the dog seemed to be shot at “close range” so wouldn’t the person know what they were shooting at?

  2. As I am A) slightly short sighted and B) Not a very good hunter..I promise not to come anywhere near your woods – or anyone elses come to that – with a gun.

    Promise! x

    …Trust me I’m from Oldham….

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