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2007 in Germany

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The City has been doing some improvements to 27th Street. It started earlier in the year when they re-did all the water lines. The same contractors were also available to replace water lines going from the City shut-off into houses. After they completed the work they patched the road and sodded the areas of lawn that were dug up. Really they did a nice job of it, even if it made a mess of the street for a while.

The next thing they did was to grind off several inches of road in preparation for new paving. They had big machines to do this and it didn’t take very long to strip the road. This left raised manholes so it was a bit of an obstacle course around here for a while. It was left that way for some weeks, and then the guys came along and did the first level of paving up and down our street. This reduced the raised manholes to the point where we could drive over them. I thought the next step would be to do the final level of paving.

I was wrong. The other day, they crews returned. They cut a 4 foot wide trench in the street along our side, removing the new paving and digging down 2 or 3 feet. It looks like now they’re replacing the old curbs. I guess when they finish our side of the street, they’ll either patch the road or do first level paving again before moving to the other side of the street.

I’m happy to have the maintenance work done on our street, and I understand the mess and disruption. I’m OK with having to park on the street for a while instead of in my driveway (a trench is currently blocking the drive). I do have one question, though. I wonder why they decided to do first level paving, then dig that up to do curbs. Why not dig up the old paving to do curbs, then do first level paving. It just seems wrong to do work that has to be torn up again a month later. Maybe there’s a reason for it that I’m blind to.

Hopefully, the trenches will be gone on our side of the street in a few days.

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