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The Path

When I look at my site stats, I see that the most popular search terms landing people here over the past couple weeks have to do with the new skating path over in Sam Smith Park. I did a post about it while it was still in construction.

I haven’t skated for years, although when I did, I really enjoyed it. The skating path looks really nice, and there’s always quite a few people over there enjoying it. The other night, some of our family were visiting for Christmas and they went over for a skate. I see the skaters every day because the path is  just across the way from the dog park. You might not notice that if you go at night because the skating path got all the lights and the dog park got none. We take flashlights in the hopes of finding what we need to pick up.

This reminds me that the dog park sure could use some kind of wind break. I bet the City has some old bus shelters kicking around. One of those would help a lot by protecting us from the howling north winds that whip down that corridor. There was talk that trees would be planted in the fall to help block the wind but as far as I can see, nothing happened. The dog park is popular and a great variety of dogs and their owners venture there daily. They built a really nice fence and put in a couple benches, but to be honest I’d be happier with an ordinary chain link fence if the money were spent on a bit of shelter instead.

Anyway, enough of me going on about a bus shelter. The point of this post is really to tell people who come in here looking for information about the skating path that it seems to be an idea lots of people really like. It’s located south of Lakeshore Blvd in Sam Smith Park, south of Kipling Ave.

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  1. We have skating on our neighbourhood lake too, and it’s quite lovely at night, with lights blazing. Sadly I have not been for about ten years…

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