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For some strange reason…

…today this blog achieved the highest number of hits it has ever had in a single day. Don’t worry, it’s still a piddly-small number. I’m not going all celebrity on you or anything. The thing of it is that it isn’t clear from my stats just what exactly is driving this miracle on 27th St. Was it something I said? Is this encouragement to post more accordion videos? (somebody asked me the other day if I knew what was the best thing about a bassoon…sadly I knew that it made excellent kindling for an accordion fire).

Geez, I hope this doesn’t mean that nobody is going to show up for the next week now.


  1. Keep on accordioning!

    I get a little freaked out by the occasional bout of multiple visits (I’m talking dozens in a brief time span) from the same ip address. Some sort of trawler, I assume.

  2. Lauralee Smith

    Rest assured that it is because your blog is a wonderful oasis in a sea of dreck. Thank you for being. And of course, more accordion videos, please! 😉

  3. zeusiswatching

    Every once in awhile I get a big spike like that. I had one recently. If I’ve amused, or encouraged a few extra readers that’s great.

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