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Who’s selling, who’s buying?

Going into our current federal election campaign, every time I opened a newspaper or turned on the radio, I heard that Canadians didn’t want an election, that nobody wanted to vote and that voter turnout would be lower than ever. You can’t always believe everything you’re sold, though. Voter turnout for the advance polls was 34% higher than last time around. That’s significant. Are we seeing a resurgence of interest in federal politics in Canada? For sure we’re seeing some fascinating and surprising polling trends, with the NDP seemingly surging in popularity.

I’d be very happy to see high voter turnout Monday. I’ll be voting. Will you?

One thing though…in the words of the late Sunnyland Slim, be careful how you vote….


  1. I went and voted in advance polls earlier this week. It was short and simple. No line ups, no waiting and I was done in less than 5 minutes.

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