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A stabbing in Long Branch…

A stabbing occurred this evening in our community. I’m not sure what time, but I drove out to the No Frills to pick up some bread at about 7:30 and saw no police activity so it must have happened sometime between then and now (typing this at 10:45). According to 680 radio news a man in his 30’s has been taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after a confrontation between two men resulted in a stabbing.

This stabbing happened around Lakeshore and 26th Street. We live south of Lakeshore on 27th Street. The way the streets work around here, 23rd, 25th and 27th are all on the south side, and 26th runs north from Lakeshore. Don’t get carried away with this logic though, because 28th runs south of Lakeshore.

We live in what is mostly a great neighbourhood but there is for sure some criminal activity along the Lakeshore strip through Long Branch, New Toronto and Mimico, especially at night. I don’t have any more information about the stabbing tonight, and I guess violence can happen anywhere. It seems extra shocking though when it happens a short walk from home.


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  1. Indeed it does seem extra shocking. My son was the victim of a brutal robbery this year that left him with a broken nose and scrapes and bruises. Fortunately, he handled it well and already is back to his old self. But man, that call from the hospital … hard to digest. It did not happen near our home, but similar crimes do, if you bother to follow the local news and police reports closely.

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