1. East Texas Red

    I wonder if the handle on the Sulflo gives you a different sound than the Industrial…nice work!

    • The industrial had a handle too but it was in the wrong place so I took it off. I have no idea if it makes any difference to the sound.

  2. There is a minor difference in sound with the cap off. I removed it for a little drama, though, I will confess. I think there are different possible factors to explain the difference in sound between the two banjos. The cans are a little bit different. The might be made of steel that has slightly different composition or thickness. As well, they bridges are different and the nut is different. I don’t have anywhere near enough experience yet to tell just how each of the factors change the sound.

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Why did you remove the cap on the industrial before you played it? Difference in sound? Any idea why the 2 sound quite a bit different?

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