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A dog park integrated into a water filtration plant

The designers of the new and improved leash-free park at Jack Darling in Mississauga did a great job integrating the dog park with the filtration plant.


The park is huge. Gravel paths loop through the grounds, descending to what remains of the old park on the south side, right up to the top of the hill formed by the filtration plant. There is a spigot for water on the north end, and a variety of landscape for dogs and people to enjoy – from meadow to path to sand. As well, they’ve planted loads of trees which will only gain character and interest over time. When we were there yesterday, there were quite a few dogs at the park but you would hardly know that because the grounds are so big.  By contrast, there is a leash-free park on the RL Clark Water Treatment grounds close to our place (in Toronto – Jack Darling is in Mississauga), which is a sad cousin by comparison – a fenced off square of field, created with little imagination or ambition, which muddies up at every rainfall, and offers neither variety nor water.  Kudos to Mississauga and the designers of the Jack Darling leash-free park for creating such a compelling environment.

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