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Walk in the Forest

Today I met up with my friends Robin and Jamie for a walk in the woods looking for oyster mushrooms. Oysters almost always fruit right around this time, but this year with the long drawn-out winter, some things are late. We found a couple trees starting to show oysters, which should be fruiting in a week or so, but we saw none fruiting.

IMG_1349IMG_1355Although we didn’t find mushrooms, we did find all kinds of interesting things in the forest. For instance, Robin pointed out some beautiful Jack in the Pulpit.

IMG_1345Then there was this fascinating tree. I wonder what caused it to grow like this?

IMG_1350We didn’t notice them on the walk into the forest, but on the walk out we found a patch of ramps, and harvested enough for a couple dinners. Ramps, or Allium tricoccum, are also known as wild leeks. They are edible perennials which have a strong garlic-like flavour. Very good indeed!

IMG_1374Jamie and Robin came across a swallowtail butterfly which had just emerged.

It turned out to be a great walk. I had Memphis and Georgie along and my friends brought their pup Georgia, so the dogs had a great time too, especially when they discovered mud-puddles.

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