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More tree removal activity – lower Twenty Seventh Street #longbranchto

Yesterday there was continued activity over at 2 Twenty Seventh. Contractors were removing tree trunks and debris, and loading it into dump trucks.

2 Twenty Seventh 2

At one point in the afternoon someone from the City parked out front and watched what was going on for an hour of so. At a certain point later in the afternoon, the tree protection fence around the massive silver maple at the front was removed and some debris was placed within the tree protection area. They have since re-established the tree protection area and built a wood fence across the front of the property. It also appeared to neighbours, watching from across the street, that the front-end loader was moving around soil on the property later in the afternoon, not just tree debris. This morning, there was water seeping from the site onto the road, making its way to the sewer.

As the Forestry manager and Councillor Grimes requested, photos and video of the activity was supplied to them.


  1. There was one posted yesterday. Not sure if it is there today – I’ve broken my ankle and it is difficult for me to get out there.

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