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On this walk with George in Long Branch

George1TUFFY P here again – ok so I get in late after reporting a car accident.. guess who is anxious to hit the road? George…George watching bikerHead out on Lake Promenade– heading east and George has the look that says will this person stop and look at me…. (a: nope. that person was on a speeding bicycle eating up midges from the May night.)WhooshWhoosh…….

George at Sam Smithhere we are in Sam Smith Park.. now this is after jumping up on the rocks and eating treats, and receiving pats from a couple who knows George from his afternoon walks.. they stop to pat him and ask about Memphis. George goes right for the lady and slimes her.  We head out through the dandelion fields to the lake…Kisses in the parkstop in the park for a kiss from Gee — on the horizon Buffy the marvellous Lab from Lake Prom is coming towards us… within minutes we’ve settled in for a chat with Buffy’s mom… Buffy has about 10 minutes of concentration before splitting and chasing a raccoon….George tries not to lose his mind.  About 3 treats later we start to head home…Blasting around the parklast park shot before home  (Buffy is at the base of a maple tree behind us..)

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