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On This Walk With George In Long Branch

George June 2TUFFY P posting again – Tonight is the one night of the year for the appearance of June’s  ‘Strawberry Moon’.  If you saw this first full moon of June tonight, you’ll have enjoyed a warm light in the night sky as Georgie, Jacques and I had tonight on our walk.  So we headed out quietly – the cat making the most noise as he jetted through bushes to jump out in the lead wherever possible.  Along Lake Prom we encountered poodles.  Two of them. Cat friendly – Jacques was able to pass by the poodles without a scuffle.  Rumours that a rabbit was ahead proved to be true. George spotted the rabbit up the next street.  Moved on by to next encounter – Romeo the cat.  Again we escaped without much more than some arched backs and starched cat tails. We turned up the next street- the poodles were back. We slid past these perfect dogs and hit the homestretch for a cookie break. Jacques high tailed it through a hedge and ran home to greet us lying down on our front walk.  George got his porch hug, zipped in for a welcome from Memphis.

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