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Ankle Update

Regular readers know that I took a spill, broke and badly dislocated my right ankle back in March. Today I saw my surgeon who looked at the new x-ray, and told me everything has healed up just as it should (YAY!!!!), so I don’t need to go back to see him again. I’m left with 14 screws in my leg as a souvenir. I can expect some swelling to persist for up to a year. The various aches and pains I still experience when I’m on my feet a lot will disappear over the coming months.

I’m back to doing most things I normally do (well, I won’t be wading any trout streams for a while), but I can’t walk as far or as long as I could before my accident (yet). I’m still doing physiotherapy, and for now I’m still getting a lot of benefit from that.

Now some 5 months later, I look back and think how fragile we are. One little patch of black ice coupled with not using the hand rail and next thing you know I was in surgery, in a cast and hobbling about on crutches.

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