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For new visitors – 27th Street also has a podcast

There are now 4 episodes of the 27th Street Podcast available. The podcast evolved out of this blog. It provided me with an opportunity to share conversations with interesting people, tell a few stories, record a little banjo and button accordion music, and have a fun adventure along the way.

I’m making the podcasts up as I go along, as I do with the posts on this blog. I don’t have any kind of long term plan, just a few ideas for possible episodes and guests. I’m trying to do two episodes each month (so far so good). It’s all home-made, here in front of my computer, with a YETI microphone, a pop filter and a set of studio monitoring headphones. One of my dogs, George, has so far managed to make appearances in two episodes, determined that my recording time was perfect for a long slurpy drink.

If you have any suggestions for future episodes, I’d love to hear about them, or if you have something you’d like to come by and chat about, let’s talk. Hopefully those of you who braved the first 4 episodes are crazy enough to come back for more.

The 27th Street Podcast is available on this blog or on iTunes. If you’d like to subscribe, just follow the link. I added the podcast in as a menu item on this blog’s sidebar tonight, so you can find it easily as soon as you land on 27th Street.

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