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The Changing Face of Twenty Seventh Street: Part 2


Yesterday late afternoon, the last front yard tree was taken down across the street at number 6. It looks from here like he’s left one poplar tree in the back. All of Alma’s extensive shrubbery has been run through a chipper and is gone. This morning, heavy equipment appeared, and as you can see in the photo, this evening only a shell is left. I guess the rest of it will come down tomorrow.

As I mentioned in the previous post on this topic, the builder who bought this property and the one to the south plans to build an oversized bungalow on this lot and a pair of those tall narrow jobs builders have been cramming into newly severed lots here and there around Long Branch. He’s told us he plans to live at 6.

I hope the new home at 6 looks nice and fits in with well with the older homes that remain in our neighbourhood. Too bad it’s going to be beside two severed lots.

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