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Carnage over the Go board

IMG_4637As many of you know, I play the game of Go. I’ve been playing with my friend Vox in particular, since sometime in the 80s. We’ve played thousands of games against one another over the years .

Last night we played 6 games and I won 4, and two of those were by virtue of spectacular, huge kills. the photo above shows the board right after I made the move to seal the fate of the large group of white stones that stretches across the middle of the board. There are a whopping 43 stones stranded without the ability to make the magic “two-eye” shape that assures life. Vox resigned. There was no point playing on. I’m not sure if I’ve ever killed a group quite this large. Seeing a huge group like this fall is a remarkable event in our games.

The play started on the near side of the board. Vox, as white, dropped a stone in fairly close to my outside wall in an effort to negate my potential for territory. I attacked, keeping his group heavy, but I wasn’t able to stop him from running away across the board. He ran toward the far side of the board in order to connect up with the strong group in the far right corner. It looked like he could do it, and in fact he had an opportunity to connect up but failed to do it, and I think that may have been because he thought there wasn’t a sequence that would disconnect him. Unfortunately for Vox, there was, and I found it, neatly killing them all.

Oh my God, they’re all dead.

Those words were music to my ears.

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