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The Changing Face of Twenty Seventh Street: Part 4

The pair of three story, tall and narrow homes at the severed 2 Twenty Seventh Street property are standing now, and they are working on some stonework.

Meanwhile across the street at 6, the builder who bought the place destroyed all of Alma’s beautiful shrubs and took down all the trees with the exception of one poplar tree to make room for the giant pit in which he is putting the foundation of the over-sized bungalow he has planned.

So far, the other home he bought, the modest bungalow at 4, where Ottie used to live, has not yet been touched. The builder has successfully severed this property. It seems the OMB adjudicator didn’t think this severance, next to the one at 2, was a problem. I disagree with that decision, which I consider to be nothing short of outrageous.

Meanwhile there is now activity next door to the south of us at 9 Twenty Seventh.


This spruce was taken down on that property today. The guy who bought Nick’s place wants to take the second front yard spruce down as well as the Larch which is close to the property line with our place, but so far, Forestry has not allowed it. I’m not concerned about the larch, which I think is suffering from competition with the huge silver maple and the spruces.

The guy who bought Nick’s place initially planned to try for a severance, but backed away from that idea and is now looking at a large single-family home. It looks like it is nicely designed, and in my view will add some stability to a neighbourhood under seize by developers seeing gold in them thar hills, severing all the big lots they can get hold of.

My only worry with this construction is the protection of the line of spruces running back into the yard on our side of the property line. He wants to run a driveway all the way to the back and construct a garage at the back of the property. He will not be able to excavate much for the drive as he has to try to protect our trees. As well, he plans to put the garage on piers to protect the tree routes. As long as he makes every effort to protect our trees, I’m OK with his plans. Forestry has apparently given him the go-ahead.



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