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Cousins Night Out


Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to Seven44 for an evening among cousins. Robbie Laine and the Disciples were playing and my cousin Steve plays guitar with them. Cousin Karen and her husband Rollin were there as were Cousin Carolyn and Cousin Wanda. We enjoyed some good pub food, excellent music, and spent the evening chatting and dancing. What fun!

We don’t see my cousins nearly often enough, something that needs to be remedied.


  1. Miss Polly

    Looks like so much fun! Are these maternal or paternal cousins?

    This is one of those go-to things I like to ask people:
    Are you closer to your maternal or paternal cousins?
    I don’t know why but it generally sparks some interesting conversations.

    • These are maternal cousins. When I was young I was equally close to maternal and paternal cousins. Somewhere along the way, kids grew up and forged their own lives and we really haven’t seen much of one another at all. I’m still very fond of all of them.

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