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The Garden Tour


Garden tour organizers Sheila Gregory and Nadia Stelmach

The first ever Long Branch garden tour has come and gone. I hope all the people who came out had a great time checking out some of the gardens in our community. The weather cooperated – it was a beautiful day!

I didn’t get a chance to tour the gardens myself. I was greeting visitors in our back yard, chatting with people, answering questions, and playing a little banjo along the way. There were people taking photos of all the gardens so I’ll have to catch up with a photo-tour after the fact. I think our garden – front and back – offered up a few surprises with the “imagination stations”, all the mosaics, the forest walk and unusual details like “camo-netting” which  you don’t see in gardens every day.

I don’t know how many people visited the gardens today, except to say it was a steady stream of folks all day and there were times when there were several people coming through at once. We don’t have a final tally yet on how much money was raised for LAMP Community Health Centre. That will come in a couple days after the various local businesses who sold tickets have been visited. It was great to see so many local businesses on board to help out.

If there are any readers of this blog who took the garden tour today, your feedback is much appreciated. What did you like or not like? How can future garden tours in our community be improved.



  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    You dont see camo-netting in the garden everyday. Sheesh! Almost everybody has camo-netting in their garden. The reason you dont see it every day is because it is camo-netting and if you could see it then it wouldnt be working, would it?

    • We used to have it around the patio at Blackthorn too, with vines growing through it. We like it because it looks great, helps define the shape of spaces, lets in some light, and helps make the construction site next door disappear. We stole the idea from another garden we saw many years ago. The stuff is getting hard to get these days.

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