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New menu on my stories page

I’ve added a new menu to my stories page. It was easy to see all the stories as they sat in the blog format back when there were only a couple of them, but now that I’ve posted a dozen Lazy Allen Stories, the new menu gives readers the opportunity to choose a story by title or go through the stories one at a time without having to scroll all the way down.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve been writing a set of short-short stories I call the Lazy Allen Stories. Each of these stories is a very quick read. As I’ve been writing them, they are developing in a serial format.

The narrator is Lazy Allen. The stories are set in 1982. Lazy works in a bottling plant in Toronto with his old friend Staashu. He used to make his living playing accordion in polka bands but that was ancient Canadian history. Staashu was a musician too, who played in R&B bands. These stories are in Lazy’s voice. Some of them are about the old days with his band Lazy and the Rockets. Others are about working life at the Bottle & Can. Still others are about a new project Staashu has dragged Lazy into – a polka-punk band called NPK – The New Polka Kings.

If you aren’t among the select few excellent readers who have already  dropped by to check out these little stories, the shameless self-promotion department encourages you to do so immediately, if not sooner.


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