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Garden Madness

We continue to add things to the back garden.


Blue thing and an industrial spool on a pillar

We bought more old pillars at Nice Old Stuff out in Jarvis Ontario. If it weren’t upside down, and if I didn’t spray paint it blue, the blue thing would be a gold plant stand. I added in an industrial wooden spool. I imagine in its current configuration, it might be handy for detecting incoming UFOs, or perhaps decorating the garden.


We have more whirligigs than we have places to put them. There are usually a couple around in need of a little TLC. I inserted some copper plumbing pipe in this pillar, crimped at the bottom. This allows the steel rod bottom insert of the whirligig to move freely in the pipe to adjust to the wind. When this whirligig is in motion, the turning of the prop causes the carousel to operate. IMG_6735.jpgWith the pillars, along with the gate and the ladder, we now have some height elements at play in the back garden. Next I have some plans for the forested area at the back. If the weather holds, that might be a fall project, but I’m not against waiting until spring to work on it.

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