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Every picture tells a story (day 2)

Here is my second photo in Bad Tempered Zombie’s photo challenge…..



  1. Miss Pollly

    This reminds me of my tormented youth in an all ladies bag pipe band. 3/4 of the ladies were my family it felt like. There was no option to not participate because it was my aunts decision we all do this. Lol.

    • Our neighbour Marion was my accordion teacher and she would come over to the house. I went so far as trying to hide. Who knew years later I would want to play?

      I suggested to Tuffy P once that I’d like to learn the French pipes. She said there were some excellent parks around I could visit to practice because I wouldn’t be playing them at home.

    • It is. Nothing would do but my mom wanted me to play the accordion. I wanted nothing to do with it. What a geeky instrument, I thought. It was many years later before I realized I wanted to learn to play squeezebox. I wish I had kept it up. I would have had some good chops by now.

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