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Go News

For fans of the game of Go (wei chi in China, baduk in Korea), there is some news, and surprise surprise, it has to do with Alpha Go, the AI go master who whupped Lee Sedol last year, then whupped top pro players in 60 online games.

May 23-27 there will be 3 events taking place in China. Alpha Go will be playing a 3-game challenge match with the #1 rated player in the world, Ke Jie, There will also be a 5 vs 1 match pitting Alpha Go against the 5 person Chinese national go team. Finally there will be some kind of pair go match which (if I’m understanding this correctly) will have a Chinese player + Alpha Go vs another Chinese player + Alpha Go playing ren-go, in which team-mates alternate making moves.

By this point, I think it is generally acknowledged among pro Go players that Alpha Go is a bit stronger than all of them, but we’ll see what happens. Already pros have been studying Alpha Go games and incorporating some of the AI’s favoured moves into their own play.

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