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There was a time a few years ago, when I faithfully checked out a couple dozen blogs on a regular basis. In a way that was a heyday for blogging, and I really enjoyed my daily peek in to the lives of people doing so many interesting things in so many interesting places. Many of those bloggers have either packed in the blog-o-swamp completely in favour of the facebook or another of the social medias or for one reason or another aren’t at it as regularly as they once were. That’s totally understandable of course. People change, their lives and interests change too, and the discipline of keeping up a blog is not for everyone. These days, my little list of places to frequent has dwindled some, but I’m still pretty faithful to the ones I really enjoy.

I like all kinds of different blogs, often written by people who have lives and perspectives much different than my own. That’s part of the fun. I can’t begin to explain why I go back to some and not others.

I’ve even met some blog friends along the way, and though our in-person interactions have been limited, I feel like those folks are really good friends at this point, people I’ve hung with for a long time.

There are still plenty of blogs around, and I suppose I should be more active in discovering new ranges to ride, so to speak. Since those early days, I notice there are a lot more people using their blogs as an income stream, basically getting into the ad business, or selling some product or another. That’s fine, and there are a couple of those I visit from time to time – some are excellent – but I still like the idea of the personal blog, someone’s tiny corner of the grand swamp, something they do just for the helluvit, a place to gather a small community.

Here at 27th Street, I don’t get a huge number of visitors, and it has stayed more or less consistent over the years. I know certain types of posts always draw in more traffic and it’s always fun when that happens. I don’t get many comments either compared to other blogs I visit. I don’t know if that is because my posts are less interesting or because I’ve said it all so comments are unnecessary (you can choose). I have a few regular visitors who have been coming back for more of my nonsense for quite some time and, well, I love those folks!

2014 was my busiest year for this blog. The top posts for that year were both about mushrooms. One was “Preparing lobster mushrooms for the table” and the second most popular was a post I kind of regret creating called “No mushrooms in Southern Ontario”. It was an attempt at humour in which I suggested there are no edible mushrooms outside of grocery stores in Southern Ontario. I was responding to the fact that it was getting increasingly difficult to find spots to forage which weren’t picked through by somebody else first. As it turned out, plenty of people took me seriously, and several people took the opportunity to tell me how wrong I was. It is still one of my more popular posts.

Back when I had the old Mister Anchovy blog, the most popular post by far was one called Johnny Cash finger. I had shared the American Recordings poster featuring Johnny Cash flipping the bird to somebody at one of the prisons he played. Once I had a guest blogger who posted a picture of the Ikea dog the year they published a catalog that had a picture of a dog which appeared to have an extra-large schlong, and her post attracted hundreds more viewers than anything I ever came up with. C’est la Vie, eh.

So these days I feel a bit like an old-school dinosaur keeping up my little personal blog. That’s OK, I don’t mind being a dinosaur. ROAR.


  1. Vive le dinosaur! Although my blog is just hanging on by its toenails anymore, I am so very glad that you continue to post with great regularity. And even more glad that I once had the chance to dine with you. That, my friend, is what the Blogosphere is for.

  2. Keep on ROARING, Eugene!! Began following from the time we met a few years ago via Yumart! And learned alot…don’t quite know how you can manage all that you do plus write about it!!

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